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I have a deep appreciation and connection with the redwoods!

Here is a picture of me after a life-changing experience in the ancient forests. I would happily be called a "tree nymph".

(Me, 1983)



To help save the old growth forests Julia Butterfly Hill lived in the top of Luna, a 1,000 year old Redwood. Not touching her feet on the earth for two years!

To  view this inspiring story see this You Tube video:

Please  respect  the earth and teach this respect to your children and grandchildren!


Here is a link to a very informative video. Let's live more sustainably, so we may help heal the "Web of Life".

Simple ways to make a difference:
go to:
Click daily to save the rainforest. From here you can link to the Hunger Site,Child Health Site, Animal Rescue Site, Breast Cancer Site, Veteran's Site and Literacy Site among others to help those causes.
*** Buying from these sites also helps. (Fair Trade Products)