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 "Having Ciana in my life has been a true gift. She is the person I come back to again and again because she is so giving, intuitive and skilled. No two massages are the same, yet I always feel the same sense of rejuvenation and caring, as well as all of the benefits of a more relaxed and aligned body. I love the way that she is constantly learning and bringing new techniques to our sessions, such as, craniosacral work, Thai massage, and watsu, and I have benefited more than I can say from seeing her regularly over the past few years."

 (Annie, M.D.)

"As I put myself in the healing hands of Ciana my body automatically opens to all healing possibilities. I experience a deep sensation of trust and rest. My body and spirit are aware that she knows exactly what I need and will lovingly supply it.
Ciana has the ability to communicate with my physical and subtle bodies. That is why when I leave her table I feel whole and healed." 
(Candice, Ceremonies Of Sacred Living. Minister, All Seasons Chalice)

"Ciana is the therapist to whom I find myself returning again and again. She always offers deep and tender care...strong intuitive insights and a loving spirit. She is a rare and genuine healer" 
(Anastacia, Co-Founder, Facilitator The Path of the Ceremonial Arts & Administrative Director of The StarHouse)
"Ciana is very intuitive and has always provided just what I needed at the time. Her touch is sensitive.  She cares about the experience and puts her energy into it. I always leave feeling very relaxed and not thinking about so many of the things brought in with me."
(Craig, Financial Advisor)
"When I moved to the 'World Capital of Massage' from out-of-state, I was overwhelmed, and a little apprehensive at finding a new massage therapist.  I always carry so much tension in my upper back and neck, and I have a spinal cord injury dating back to when I was a teenager.  But then I found Ciana!  What a godsend!  Ciana worked with me from the start to find the right level of intensity with massage, and was in tune of how she needed to work around my injury!  I would personally give anyone looking for a massage therapist the highest recommendation possible with Ciana!  The best part is, I found someone that I had such a fantastic first (and MANY more since the first!) experience with, that I will never search for someone new!"
(Amanda, Victim's Advocate)

"Excellent massage, very intuitive, skilled and professional.  Took the time to understand the goals, quirks and limits of my body and worked them out with firm massage, light stretching and calming spirit.  Both Ciana's personality, skills and office provide a very relaxing and therapeutic experience.  Great all around person and very skilled at her profession.  Highly recommend both her table and aqua massages, you will not go wrong.  She will bring peace to your body and spirit!"
(Charles, Engineer)
"Ciana is a very talented, intuitive and gifted massage therapist.  Ciana takes the time to listen to her clients and their needs.  She knows many different techniques and types of massage.  I trust Ciana's intuition and talents so much that I often ask her to apply whatever techniques and massage therapies she feels I need during the session.  I've never had the same massage twice from Ciana and I love it.  There are certain types of massage that I really prefer and enjoy and Ciana is happy to comply with my requests.  I have felt deeply relaxed and rejuvenated after every session. 
I have recommended Ciana to many of my friends and co-workers."

(Alice, Technical Program Manager)
(Since every person is unique I cannot guarantee any specific results. I will treat you with the utmost respect and professionalism though individual results may vary.)